Friday, March 19, 2004

Christ almighty, i have had a long week. I'm just not meant for 12 hour days at work. It's not that I hate the students or really my co workers. It's just that 12 hours is just like perpetual teaching. I'm only awake for maybe 17 hours a day maximum. That's not enough time for me thanks. While i'm not actually "working" those 12 hours, in fact i'm only paid for the hours that I teach which could be maybe 4 on a given day, they miraculously seem all spaced out to kill the maximal amount of free time in a given day. Thank god that most of the people i teach are interesting people. I'd probably buy a ticket home if it were a bunch of whiney-ass higschool students for 12 hours a day. This job is really making me think hard about what I can personally do with my life. Importantly, it's giving me a good perspective on what I don't want to do. Principally, i don't want to work someplace where the management has such shitty communication with the employees. For example, I didn't know until today that I'd be teaching children's classes next week from 10 or so in the morning and i still don't know my schedule for next year (april 1) yet. It's not like I haven't asked for clarification. I've asked 3 times for them to share my shedule for next year and as of yet, nothing.

Here's another thing that rubbed me the wrong way at work: About 4:00 I was sitting with Yasuko, a co-worker talking about what the hell we'll do with the little kids next week when my boss calls up someone and asks in English, "Hey, how are you, do you know whose white honda is in back?"
I responded that it was mine, jennifer borrowed a car from some friends who are out of the country, and that she had dropped it off for me earlier.
He quickly hung up the phone and said, "It's yours? Well we were wondering whose car it is all day, the neighbors said that some gaijin got out of it and left it there. You should apologize to the manager, he's a little pissed."

Speaking of a little pissed, this was certainly not the appropriate time to bitch at me. Not after recently firing my co-worker for no real reason, stacking me with tons of work this week and then asking me to pull more 12 hour days next week. Why the fuck would I have to apologize for parking my car in the back when students and teachers alike all park their cars in back. Nobody should have gotten pissed, they didn't even ask me or anyone else for that matter they just got all steamed up in their crappy little japanese way. Nothing doing my man, no apology from me, particularly since the dude doesn't speak any english. I'm not trying to be so english-centric, but realistically, i work with a bunch of english teachers, you'd think that one of them would at least be able to ask around in 2 damn languages whose car it was, particularly if there were foreigners getting out of it as reported by the snoopy neighbors.

Anyway, enough of the bitching. It's just been a long time since i've unwound. With jennifer's family here, there's been almost 0 private time, particularly as Doug was here for the previous 5 days to their visit. I love them all, but I need my damn space occasionally.

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