Sunday, March 28, 2004

Jennifer and I went out to eat on Friday for lunch and we ate at a Thai place. We got a set meal which included little sprigs of cilantro in the soup and as a garnish. This was a nice touch since Jennifer and I have been searching for Cilantro ever since we got here. Jennifer asked the waiter, who happened to have great english, where they got it and thereby we discovered the only Thai grocery store in town.
The store is not so much bigger than our apartment which is not so much bigger than my family's living room to begin with. THey do have all the requisite foods including fresh Basil and fresh Cilantro. We bought a fat amount of cilantro and I whipped up some damn fine salsa with it. Jennifer was inspired to try to make falafel with the cilantro but as it turns out, she can be just as stupid as the rest of us. She was whipping up some home made tahini with the Braun stick blender so thougtfully and lovingly brought over by Harry, Jean and Kelly. Tahini is sticky so she was cleaning the blade out with her finger when she thought that it would be a good idea to buzz the power switch and whack her finger pretty good with the wonderfully sharp blades.

The short story is: She bled a lot and now is fine, her finger is glued shut with an appropriate skin adhesive.

It's been a good week in Lake Nowhere-near Lake Wobegone.

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