Sunday, March 21, 2004

Goddamn what dread I had this morning. I can hardly remember a time that I didn't want to go to work quite so badly as today. Last week was sucky, and this week promises more of the same. I would have probably preferred to be barfing my guts out sick than working this morning at 9:00. True to form, however, it wasn't so bad once I got into it, but it still sucks to go into a week with the attitude that you'd rather commit murder than teach another class.

With luck I'll be a little happier when my paycheck rolls around. Money for services rendered is all I'm counting on, but at least I can buy happiness with it. I certainly have been trying. I think since I can't find so much enjoyment in my work week, I definitely do a bit more spending and splurging to reward myself for another week endured. In fact, I'm about to go buy some brake pads for my bicycle as a way to make up for this morning's dread and disgust. Actually, these are not really a luxury, any more than adequate stopping of one's bicycle is a luxury, but they'll make me feel better, just like the guitar strings did yesterday and the beer the day before.

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