Wednesday, March 24, 2004

This week was posed to be quite a bitch because of the kids "English Roundup" sort of thing that we're doing to boost sales of our product (me jumping around speaking English). I was pretty stressed about it all weekend and I had to do a lot more prep work than I was accustomed to do. Honestly, the kids class wasn't as bad as I expected. I ended up actually having fun. Strangely enough there's something nice about having little kids crawling all over you and worshipping your every word. It's a little like being president I think. The kids pretty much do what you say and respect you, but occasionally you have to call in an airstrike or something. I actually didn't have to regulate on anyone for the past two days. There are two classes, one for little kids, age 3-8 and then there's another one for kids a little bit older maybe 8-12. Believe it or not, the younger kids are a little bit more fun. They have got almost no selfconsciousness, they'll do whatever I tell them, assuming they understand. They must be in awe of the first person over 6 feet tall they've seen. I also have a beard, the beard gives me power.

I was, however, reminded by Yasuko, my partner in the kids classes, that touching kids is a really good way to get myself a case of head lice, known to the average gradeschooler as cooties. I must remember to wash thoroughly after handling Japanese youth.

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